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The first episode of the Comedy, Crime series Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 2014-09-28 by Fox Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Chelsea Peretti, Stephanie Beatriz, Kyra Sedgwick. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.3/ 10. Series awards - Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 8 wins & 57 nominations..

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air day: 2014-09-28

Jake’s hidden FBI treatment surfaces in an efficient sting, up till he learns one mobster has really gotten away. As Jake obtains Charles’ help to track him down, Holt checks the group’s determination with technique drills.


Delicious delicious chocolate Milk

air day: 2014-10-05

Holt is taken by shock when his longtime scourge, Substitute Principal Madeline Wuntch appears for an analysis of his area. At the very same time, Jake in addition to Terry evaluation the restrictions of “work friends” versus “friend friends” as they discover a stabbing at a hipster scrumptious chocolate milk bar.


The Jimmy Stab Pc gaming

air day: 2014-10-12

When the arrival of the Serbian Head of state’s motorcade to Brooklyn has really been delayed, the group has lack of exercise. Jake launches “The Jimmy Jab Games,” an annual series of rivals in the area.


Halloween II

air day: 2014-10-19

When Jake evaluates the Captain that he can swipe his watch prior to twelve o’clock at evening, the Peralta/Holt annual Halloween wager continues.


The Mole

air day: 2014-11-02

There’s a mole in the area in addition to Holt in addition to Jake need to determine that it is before Substitute Principal Madeline Wuntch uncovers it.


Jake in addition to Sophia

air day: 2014-11-09

Jake clicks with Sophia, a woman which he pleases at a bar, simply to determine she is the defense attorney for a perp he is trying to put behind bars. At the very same time, Gina in addition to Charles task to put their collaboration behind them.



air day: 2014-11-16

The area participates in lockdown setup on Thanksgiving night, in addition to Jake, that was left liable, is particular in his capability to preserve spirits high in addition to stop problem. Amy is a lot less particular, as factors spiral out of control.



air day: 2014-11-23

While attempting to record a dope dealership, Jake in addition to Charles reluctantly register with stress with the out of favor lead private detective at the United States Blog post workplace, Jack Threat. The rest of the team helps Amy surrender smoking.


The Road Trip

air day: 2014-11-30

In an initiative to consist of a touch of love to their task trip, Jake invites his companion, Sophia, in addition to Amy’s sweetie, Teddy, to join them at a B&B. At the very same time, Rosa adamantly selects not to admit to Terry in addition to Gina that she is ill, in addition to Charles strives in order to assist Holt with his wedding event anniversary breakfast.


The Pontiac Hooligan Returns

air day: 2014-12-07

” The Pontiac Hooligan,” additionally called Doug Judy, is back restricted, after quelching Jake in addition to Rosa in his previous experience with them. At the very same time, Gina in addition to Boyle fidget that their fathers and also mothers might be acquiring also close, in addition to Santiago makes Holt a Xmas existing versus his desires.



air day: 2014-12-14

Jake in addition to Charles’ bro-mance starts to damage when they provide for an eight-day security in actually close quarters. Captain Holt’s nephew, Marcus, involves Brooklyn in addition to documents Rosa’s emphasis.


Shoreline House

air day: 2015-01-04

The team is pleased to spend the weekend break at Charles’ shoreline residence for a detectives-only-getaway, up till Jake harms the pleasurable by inviting Captain Holt. Charles helps Rosa send lovely messages to her new sweetie, in addition to Gina tries to get Amy drunked, simply for her own fulfillment.



air day: 2015-01-11

The group selects it has to do with time Jake paid them back all the cash money he has really owed them from throughout the years. At the very same time, Amy in addition to Holt team up to re-open the Brooklyn Frying pan scenario.


Security Loosens up

air day: 2015-01-25

When Sophia’s job impedes of her collaboration with Jake, Jake intends to smooth factors over with her company. At the very same time, Wuntch needs Holt’s help for a job reference.


Layer City

air day: 2015-02-08

When the group is invited to a Homeland Security and also safety and security terrorist training simulation, Jake is unfortunate over Sophia yet his spirits are elevated. That is, up till the depictive liable selects them the inefficient responsibility of playing hostages. Gina performs a psychological evaluation to Holt, in addition to Amy in addition to Rosa compete for a time off from task.


The Wednesday Occasion

air day: 2015-02-15

When Jake alerts that Holt has really been acting moody, he sign up with Holt’s partner to figure out simply exactly what happened. At the area, Charles tries to get an admission from a senior suspect that declares to be matured in addition to adorable whenever Amy in addition to Rosa are around.


Boyle-Linetti Wedding event event

air day: 2015-03-01

It’s the day of Gina in addition to Charles’ fathers and also mothers’ wedding celebration occasion, in addition to the whole group is given a job to achieve for the occasion.


Captain Peralta

air day: 2015-03-08

Jake’s mainly absentee papa, Roger, includes neighborhood to spend time with his child. Jake could not wait to see him, yet Charles is uncertain of Roger’s functions.



air day: 2015-03-15

After a touch of really rotten good luck, Jake thinks he’s being threatened by a foe. Holt selects Amy in addition to Rosa to discover the truth.



air day: 2015-04-26

After Jake hurts himself on a circumstance, Terry forces him call for pause in addition to rest– something Jake does not acknowledge the most effective methods to do. Throughout neighborhood, Holt in addition to Rosa objective to stop intimate conversation throughout a double-date with their spouses.


Det. Dave Majors

air day: 2015-05-03

Jake is pleased to work a circumstance with the greatest investigatory in the NYPD, Private investigator Majors, up till Majors shares his functions to ask Amy out on a day. At the very same time, Charles in addition to Gina objective to urge Terry to stay at the Nine-Nine when he takes into account authorizing a bargain to run at a special security and also safety and security firm.


The Chopper

air day: 2015-05-10

Holt is careful when Wuntch enables Jake work his need scenario, emphasized that she is developing him as high as quiting working. Back at the area, Amy, Rosa in addition to Gina help Terry host a sightseeing excursion for a local magnet organization.


Johnny in addition to Dora

air day: 2015-05-17

Jake in addition to Amy go hidden to record Brooklyn’s most popular recognition robber, in addition to the scenario brings them much better with each various other– actually close. At the very same time, the entire area is amazed when amongst their own quotes goodbye to theNine-Nine