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The first episode of the Comedy series Community (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 2010-09-23 by NBC. The TV show was created by Joe Russo and directed by Chris McKenna,. Actors in the cast include Alison Brie, Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Ken Jeong, John Oliver, Richard Erdman. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.5/ 10. Series awards - Won 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 16 wins & 65 nominations..

Series info

The 2nd season of the television funny series Community premiered on September 23, 2010 as well as wrapped up on May 12, 2011, on NBC. The season contains 24 episodes as well as broadcast on Thursdays at 8: 00 pm ET as a component of Funny Night Finished Appropriate.

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Episode Guide


Sociology 101

air day: 2010-09-23

As the brand-new term starts, the research study team collects to figure out Sociology 101; Jeff battles to identify etiquette with Britta as well as Annie; Señor Chang chooses to enlist as a scholar so he could be component of the research study team.


Audit for Lawyers

air day: 2010-09-30

Jeff falls under previous practices after reconnecting with Alan (Rob Corddry), a previous policy company associate; Abed, Annie as well as Troy look for dirt on Alan.


The Psychology of Releasing

air day: 2010-10-07

When Pierce’s mother passes away, the team assists to alleviation him. After positioning Jeff within the healthcare facility, by absolutely among her course pranks going awry, Teacher Bauer takes a leave of lack as well as Teacher Duncan makes an effort to take control of her Sociology course.


Key Brain surgery

air day: 2010-10-14

Dean Pelton asks the research study team to scrub as well as recondition the Greendale trip simulator. After an unplanned launch, Abed needs to browse a secured return.


Messianic Misconceptions as well as Historical Peoples

air day: 2010-10-21

Shirley requests for Abed’s creative go into for a non nonreligious motion picture; Pierce is hired by a gaggle of scholars his age.


Public health

air day: 2010-10-28

Pierce as well as some various Greendale university student consume a biohazard compound on the professors Halloween Celebration, causing them to display flu-like indicators as well as begin becoming zombies. When Dean Pelton secures them in with the zombie-infected scholar body, it’s as much as the rest of the gang to stay clear of losing themselves as well as the university.


The rules of aerodynamics of Sex

air day: 2010-11-04

After a class smackdown with a gaggle of “suggest ladies” led by Meghan, Britta, Shirley, as well as Annie bond with Abed by transforming him right into latest thing “suggest woman.” In the meanwhile, Jeff as well as Troy accept a zen-like spirituality below the steering of a groundskeeper after they come throughout a secret trampoline on school. Made a decision to discover the supply of their brand-new happiness, Pierce lastly winds up taking a devastating trigger the trampoline as well as lands within the healthcare facility.


Cooperative Calligraphy

air day: 2010-11-11

Annie’s much-loved pen goes doing not have, as well as they thinks that someone within the team took it. Institution space is positioned on lock down, as well as Jeff starts performing the examination. Troy as well as Abed are especially nervous to obtain from the space to be able to earn it to the Greendale Animal Ceremony in time.


Conspiracy theory Theories as well as In Layout

air day: 2010-11-18

When Dean Pelton starts inspecting course timetables, he finds that Jeff has actually detailed a classification that does not exist. Abed as well as Troy create an intricate covering ft.


Mixology Qualification

air day: 2010-12-02

It’s Troy’s 21 st birthday celebration, so the team chooses to strike benches. Whereas Britta as well as Jeff are taking in way too many mixed drinks, Shirley is removing incriminating video footage of herself, Annie is welcoming her pretend recognition as well as Abed will certainly solve into a deep dialog with another Sci-Fi enthusiast.


Abed’s Irrepressible Xmas

air day: 2010-12-09

Abed awakens in stop-motion computer animation making him picture that the team needs to re-discover truth that implies of Xmas. With the help of Teacher Duncan, the team discovers Abed’s winter season heaven as well as quickly finds the truth behind Abed’s craziness.


Oriental Inhabitants Research study

air day: 2011-01-20

The team participants argument whether so about include Annie’s crush, that recently enlisted at Greendale, or Señor Chang to the team.

Shirley’s ex-husband returns right into the photo, as well as they has huge details for everyone.


Superstar Pharmacology

air day: 2011-01-27

Annie encourages the team to positioned on a facility professors anti-drug production, nonetheless locates it routinely thwarted by Pierce’s initiatives to existing himself a higher setting. In the meanwhile, Chang makes an effort to affix with Shirley, whereas a trick including Britta’s mobile phone areas Jeff in an awkward state of events.


Superior Dungeons & & Dragons

. air day: 2011-02-03

Abed invites “Fats Neil” to play a sporting activity of Dungeons & & Dragons with the rest of the research study team, wanting to spruce up his self-confidence, after Jeff transformeds into entailed concerning him being a loner. When Pierce learns he was not welcomed, he signs up with anyhow, interrupting their strategies.


Very early 21 st Century Romanticism

air day: 2011-02-10

Troy as well as Abed contend for the interests of the professors curator, whereas Britta aims to be dynamic as well as befriends a fellow womanly scholar which she thinks is homosexual. In the meanwhile, Jeff locates himself hesitantly internet organizing an unplanned celebration at his home when Teacher Duncan invites himself over to observe a football suit.


Intermediate Docudrama Filmmaking

air day: 2011-02-17

When Pierce lands within the healthcare facility, he thinks he is passing away as well as supplies the research study team certain products which could be actually suggested to torture them. Britta questions exactly what to do with a tidy examination for “charity,” Jeff considers the idea of setting up his daddy, as well as Troy will certainly reach please LeVar Burton, whereas Abed films the whole point for a docudrama.


Introductory to Government

air day: 2011-02-24

Greendale gets ready for the Vice Head of state’s most likely to. Dean Pelton arranges the main scholar political elections, positioning Annie to Jeff, Pierce, Leonard, as well as Star-Burns, among others. In the meanwhile, Abed establishes a relationship with certain representative Robin Vohlers.


Custodianship Law as well as Jap European Diplomacy

air day: 2011-03-17

Annie arranges a kid shower for Shirley, whereas Shirley stories to preserve Señor Chang from her life. In the meanwhile, Britta is delighted by Abed as well as Troy’s brand-new chum, Lukka, that has a darkish previous.


Vital Flick Research study

air day: 2011-03-24

Jeff includes Abed’s love of movie theater as well as pop culture, right into a particularly themed “Pulp Fiction” shock birthday celebration for him. The tables are transformed as Abed sets up one various other supper with an unwary Jeff at one various other taking in organization.


Hostile Wine Sampling

air day: 2011-04-14

” Hostile Wine Sampling” is the 20 th episode of the 2nd season of the American funny television seriesCommunity It broadcast in the U.S.A. on NBC on April 14,2011


Standards of Human Memory

air day: 2011-04-21

They think back concerning their much-loved minutes over the previous year due to the fact that the research study team construct their 20 th as well as supreme panorama for his or her sociology course. In the meanwhile, Troy’s ape re-emerges nonetheless vanishes once again right into the air circulation system, primary Señor Chang to try to obtain the ape as well as obtain all their swiped loot.


Made use of Sociology as well as Cookery

air day: 2011-04-28

Just due to the fact that the research study team are getting ready for his/her supreme Sociology exam, Shirley enters into labor leaving the team to identify the most convenient means to aid. In the meanwhile, a trouble within the automobile vehicle parking area starts via the Globe Foods Contest.


A Fistful of Paintballs (1)

air day: 2011-05-05

Since the Greendale scholar body appreciates their year-end outing, Dean Pelton proclaims prepare for a tiny, quick, shielded sporting activity of paintball. As the sporting activity warms up, partnerships are made – as well as harmed – as well as relationships are propounded the have a look at. When a harmful as well as strange identify arises on the Greendale school, it transformeds into noticeable that that is no uncommon sporting activity of paintball.


For a Couple of Paintballs Additional (2)

air day: 2011-05-12

The sporting activity takes a significant flip with brand-new burglars getting here on the scene due to the fact that the Greendale year-end paintball extravaganza proceeds. The research study team recognizes they need to unify to beat the opponent no matter disputes concerning strategy.

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