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The first episode of the popular television series Drunk Disney season 1, 2, 3, 4 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2014-01-22 and was shown by . The Show was directed and created by , David Devries, James A. Janisse, Chelsea Rebecca. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Chelsea Rebecca, James A. Janisse, David Devries. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Will Snow White ever escape the wicked witch? Will one different dwarves ever ceased being mean to Dopey?) Is exactly the exact same picture as Sleeping Beauty?)

Episode two


air: 2014-01-24

We watch Disney’s second revived feature, the 1940 coming-of-human story Pinocchio. Will Pinocchio eventually become a real boy?) Will Jiminy Cricket get his libido in check? And how the hell did Geppetto get stuck in a whale? Will Mickey master the capability of broomsticks?) Will that the centaurs successfully partner? And how the hell does one drink to classical songs?

Episode 4)


air: 2014-02-05

We watch Disney’s 4th revived feature, the 1941 emotional wringer Dumbo. Will Dumbo ever figure out how to make use of his ears once and for all? Will his friends ever use his name? And how racist is the picture?

Episode 5)


air: 2014-03-05

We watch Disney’s 5th revived feature, the 1942 woodland critter story Bambi. Will Bambi inherit the throne from this woods? Will Thumper ever restrain his jagged hammer? And how damn adorable is that picture?

Episode 6)


air: 2014-03-26

We watch Disney’s 31s t revived feature, the 1992 Arabian-themed Aladdin. Will Aladdin utilize his three fantasies precisely? Will Jafar ever show what’s under his cowl? And exactly why isn’t Tom Cruise the voice of Aladdin?)

Episode 7)


air: 2014-05-06

We watch Disney’s 53rd revived feature, 2013’s smash-hit Frozen. Will Elsa and Anna re-unite under good conditions?) Is Olaf annoying and also most adorable little snowman as Frosty?) And exactly why is it that we keep referring to an atomic bomb?

Episode 8)

Alice at Wonderland

air afternoon: 2014-06-03

We watch Disney’s 13F animated characteristic, 1951’s apparently plotless Alice at Wonderland. Will Alice find her way outside from Wonderland?) Is there all types of fundamental plot to each of these stories that are wacky? And how can all of those personalities defecate if not one of these have a butthole?

Episode 9

Robin Hood

air evening: 2014-07-01

We watch Disney’s 21s t revived feature, 1973’s non invasive Robin Hood. Is there that a goblin going outside with Robin Hood’s group of thieves? And how often can you picture recreate precisely exactly the identical cartoon? Will Kronk ever receive crunk?) And the number of weeks pregnant is Chicha – and does this matter? Is Peter Pan actually merely Wendy’s boy friend? And how dumb were the animators around Native Americans?) How will Rapunzel understand as much stuff? Will Flynn be familiar with all his secret fetishes? And what the hell is Mother G’s name? Does Quasimodo realize he is at the friend zone? What type of kinky material is Frollo right into? And how sexy did the animators desire Esmeralda to be?

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