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The first episode of the popular Kids, Animation, television series Get Ace season 1 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2014-01-19 and was shown by ABC3, Eleven. The Show was directed and created by , Dina McPherson, Gian Christian. The main roles were played by such famous actors like . The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Ace Gets Braced

atmosphere evening: 2014-01-19

When average every day school-kid Ace McDougal gets paired with braces, even a mixture up in the physician finds him catapulted to an environment of supervillains and hairraising experiences!

Episode two

Monkey Madness

atmosphere evening: 2014-01-19

Wildlife expert Safari Bob provides demonstration whatsoever Ace’s faculty. But a crash with all the Enlargerator Ray sees Ace transform a cunning little fighter to a huge rampaging monster!

Episode 3

Colossal Fossil

atmosphere: 2014-01-26

Ace uses his dentures Cohesive Manipulation Ray to create AT-Rex sword straight back alive and also carry on Ned and Hilda at a struggle of colossal proportions!)

Episode 4)

Lunchbox Gets Braced

air evening: 2014-01-26

While attempting to get rid of a loose tooth Ace inadvertently loses his dentures just to ask them to find yourself on his own left handed oafish dog, Lunchbox.

Episode 5)

Lord Of The Board

air evening: 2014-02-02

When pro-skater Toby Squawk admits a noun contest, Ace uses his dentures to deceive and finds he is skateboarded in to Ned and Hilda’s snare.

Episode 6)

Grandpa Brouhaha

atmosphere: 2014-02-02

When Ace baby sits his Grandpa, the age-old timer goes out of annoying to cool if he unknowingly simplifies Ace from Ned and Hilda’s clutches!)

Episode 7)

Chicken Benefit

atmosphere: 2014-02-09

Dougal intends to execute with his humiliating poultry behave at Ace’s faculty’s benefit concert and also Ace has to discover a means to maintain his Dad away point or face certain societal embarrassment.

Episode 8)

Chicken Magic

atmosphere: 2014-02-09

When Ace stinks Hugo’s information and considers to be sawn in two as a portion of Tina’s magical action, he sees that sometimes… just sometimes, Hugo is ideal!

Episode 9

Hulla Balloon

air evening: 2014-02-16

Ace finally scores a date together with Tina and chooses onto a hot air balloon ride however his fantasy goes out of heavenly to hairraising.

Episode 11

Countdown To Kabloowie

air: 2014-02-23

When Hugo’s boredom reaches an all-time peak, the dentures self destruct sequence is triggered and Ace has just one day to create Hugo joyful or perhaps the braces will probably proceed Kabloowie!)

Episode 13

Save The Crystal Cat

air evening: 2014-03-02

When Ace accidentally divides his mum’s beloved crystal statue, he realises there’s just 1 place they could get an alternative: Creepville Mansion.

Episode 14

Fast Times At Funpark High

atmosphere evening: 2014-03-02

With that the Mayor visiting Funpark High, Ace has to be on his very best behavior but a mysterious figure does what they could to property Ace at detention.

Episode 15


air daytime: 2014-03-09

Principal Duffy takes the children on a trip to a authentic Viking Ship however it quickly divides in to mutiny and insanity when Becky seize control of this boat. X

air afternoon: 2014-03-09

Becky intends to expose her alien cousin into the entire world at Funpark High’s Science Fair and Critics renowned alien hunter Mr. X to aid him capture him.

Episode 17

Humungous Man

air evening: 2014-03-16

Ace frees his favorite Humungous Man activity figurine and a jungle survival camp oblivious Ned and Hilda have programed it to creep his new braces.

Episode 18

Dog Gone

air evening: 2014-03-16

When Lunchbox Virtually all of his fur at a unfortunate episode with a jar of hair remover, and the unrecognisable pet is embraced by Mr Rainer, who transforms him in to a teeth gnashing hellhound.

Episode 19

My Freaky Valentine

air: 2014-03-23

In an endeavor to create Tina covetous, Ace gets Hugo to produce a holographic girl friend but his plan backfires if the love sick hologram will become higher than just a little possessive. Walker stops to re ignite his rock star career, super-strict Mr. Rainer gets control and Ace and Gordon form teams to receive their favourite educator straight back.

Episode 21

Computer Games

air evening: 2014-03-30

Ned and Hilda turn Ace’s favourite match contrary to him by attracting its mutant creatures alive however Hugo cares about will be fulfilling his star smash, match starlet Tara Tuff. Now Ace has to discover a solution to place his pal straight together.

Episode 23

Greener Tina

air evening: 2014-04-06

A cryptic new girl arrives in Funpark High and can be what Ace has wanted but is she’s too good to be real?

Episode 24

Athol And Ace

air: 2014-04-06

It’s Hilda’s birthday and Ned includes a diabolic want to receive his prized Mumsey the sole present she really wants – Ace’s braces.)

Episode 25

Exchange Ace

air evening: 2014-04-13

It’s the annual Humungous Man Trivia contest and Ace has some severe rivalry in Anoop, a in-state student who has his eye to both Humungously awesome trophy. Rainer’s barbarous robotic guarddog, Ace is really on the madcap chase around the town to capture the 1 little bit of signs which may violate him… canine’s collar.

Episode 27

Control Freak

air evening: 2014-04-20

When Ned and Hilda tip Ace in to cleaning using a nano bot infused toothpaste, and they also gain total control of the dentures plus it’s really around Hugo to conquer the un-invited mouth invader.

Episode 28

Fast Food And The Furious

atmosphere evening: 2014-04-20

Ace signs around work on Burpy’s Burgers charity afternoon, intending to make use of his dentures to help acquire tickets into boy-band Bad Complexion’s Concert and score a date together with Tina.

Episode 29

Ace The Hero

air: 2014-04-27

an instance of mistaken identity leads Ace to be the town hero but he discovers it is perhaps not quite as exciting because it appears.

Episode 30

Billy Bonkers

air evening: 2014-04-27

Ace along with his bizarre Grandpa acquire a trip of Billy Bonkers’ wondrous icecream mill but detect Ned and Hilda have turned the entire construction into a giant snare!

Episode 31

Dawn Of The Dumb

air evening: 2014-05-04

It’s Funpark High’s big Halloween party if Ace strives to replenish Tina, he inadvertently disturbs his dentures and turns everybody in to braindead Zombies!)

Episode 32

Halloween Hijinks

air evening: 2014-05-04

With Tina trapped on very top of Creepville tower, Ace cause to rescue her although that time around Ned and Hilda are not the only ones looking forward to him personally thus are a hoard of mad Zombies.

Episode 33

History Mystery

air evening: 2014-05-11

Ignoring that his Grandpa’s warning the ghost haunts the darkened circles beneath Funpark City, Ace along with his friends set off to a spooky treasure search.

Episode 34

Ace In Your Face

air evening: 2014-05-11

The McDougal Family is selected to become contestants on the hit game series “In Your Face” however when the manager dictates Ace to eliminate his glistening braces to its camera, Hugo finds himself in the jungle, even together with Ned and Hilda in his trail. Rainer’s favorite gardengnome was destroyed and all of data points into Ace. Can he clear his name and uncover the actual culprit before tough-as-nails Detective Hard Basket captures him up?

Episode 36

A Bad Egbert

air evening: 2014-05-18

Hilda’s adorable but wicked nephew Egbert comes to town and wins across the whole school along with his cuter adorable appearances. But Egbert may possibly be as sweet as he looks. Now Ace needs to team up having a covetous Ned to avoid this fresh Pintsized threat.

Episode 37

Metal Mouth Man

air: 2014-05-25

Ace uses his dentures to replenish Tina and eventually become the town’s brand new superhero – Metal Mouth Man – although everyone else knows a fantastic super hero requires a wicked competitor and Ned and Hilda are just too pleased to play with their role.

Episode 38

Jack’s Back

air evening: 2014-05-25

When Ace’s bumbling leaves super-spy Jack Union Struggling to finish an essential assignment, Ace needs to intensify and rescue Funpark City with just a bit of help from some unexpected allies.) But if the love-struck holograms run off, Ace must chase them in a digital universe to use and receive his pal.

Episode 40

Hugo Gets Real

air: 2014-06-01

A science laboratory crash turns Hugo to a boy, and he also couldn’t be more happier. He sparks to find the Earth, departing Ace to combat Ned and Hilda by itself. Walker’s Air Guitar Camp, Ace takes the point showing his awesome abilities however if his dentures inexplicably eject in to the frenzied audience he needs to discover a means to receive them again.

Episode 42

Monster Of Rock

air: 2014-06-08

When Ace unwittingly attracts a Gargoyle statue alive, the fearful town people attempt to catch the mythical animal. Now Ace has to discover a means to shield his new friend.

Episode 43

Barry Plotter

air evening: 2014-06-15

When Ace wins the main part within the latest Barry Plotter magician movie, he’s thrilled with his own new found enthusiasm before he sees that the component Barry’s archnemesis Mouldy Warts would be always to be played Ned!)

Episode 44

Date With Disaster

air: 2014-06-15

Ace tricks Becky right into a uncontrolled UFO pursuit therefore they could proceed on a romantic date together with Tina with no spying. But his prank backfires if he has delivered his sister directly in peril! But if Ned and Hilda attack, Ace inadvertently starts the shuttle unexpectedly he has stuck in distance having a master of disguise and a bunch of nerds!) So with Athol, Claudia and Anoop, he sets out to monitor the mysterious burglar. But if Ned’s newest plot renders them dangling out of the top cable, Ace along with also his sister needs to finally learn how to come together.

Episode 48

School Election

air evening: 2014-06-29

Ace stands against Tina for faculty captain also finds that High School politics is a lot more threatening compared to combating evil supervillains.

Episode 49

Ace And The Mean Stalk

atmosphere evening: 2014-07-06

Dougal passes Funpark City’s gardening competition however if Ace tries to help, also a accident along with his Enlargerator Ray results at a badtempered 50-foot plant germ during the City.

Episode 50

Feathered Fiend

air evening: 2014-07-06

When that the Mayor tries to slip his dentures Ace supposes she was substituted by Ned. But he immediately finds that Ned isn’t the actual reason behind the wicked storyline.

Episode 51

Hugo 2.0

air evening: 2014-07-13

Professor Pringle upgrades Ace’s braces, and giving him an excellent new hologram however Ace soon starts to overlook his stuffy older pal Hugo and sets out for him back.

Episode 52

Ace The Superspy

air: 2014-07-13

Jack Union yields to offer Ace a project being a formal Junior Super Spy but original Ace may need to pass one last evaluation however Ned and Hilda have consumed the greatest wicked plot to prevent him!

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