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The first episode of the Comedy series The Golden Girls (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) was released in 1990-09-22 by NBC. The TV show was created by Matthew Diamond and directed by Gail Parent,. Actors in the cast include Bea Arthur, Herb Edelman, Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, Leila Kenzle, Scott Bryce. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The sixth season of The Golden Girls premiered on NBC on September 22, 1990, and concluded on May 4, 1991. The season consisted of 26 episodes.

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Episode Guide


Blanche Delivers

air date: 1990-09-22

Blanche’s daughter wants to give birth in a birthing center while Blanche is preoccupied by the possibility of Rebecca delivering in a local hospital. Blanche doesn’t want to be embarrassed by the fact that her daughter was artificially inseminated.


Once, in St. Olaf

air date: 1990-09-29

Rose makes a stunning discovery while admitting a patient at the hospital. Meanwhile, Sophia has to have surgery but a mix-up occurs after the operation and Sophia becomes lost in the hospital.


If At Last You Do Succeed

air date: 1990-10-06

Stan has finally hit it big with a new invention but still Dorothy can’t be happy for him. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche fight over some war bonds that if cashed could bankrupt St. Olaf.


Snap Out Of It

air date: 1990-10-13

Dorothy decides to help Sophia with the Meals on Wheels program and runs across a reclusive man who hasn’t stepped out of his apartment since the 1960’s. Meanwhile, Blanche’s birthday is coming up and Rose becomes determined to find out her real age.


Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy

air date: 1990-10-20

Blanche gets an unexpected visit from her childhood “”mammy”” (nanny) but Blanche is reluctant to even speak to her since she deserted her when she was a child. Meanwhile, Sophia hires a matchmaker for Dorothy who experiences a date with a convict.



air date: 1990-10-27

Dorothy receives threats after failing a football star which means he can’t play in an upcoming football game. Meanwhile, Rose must deal with her dentist who she thinks fondled her during her last visit.


Zborn Again

air date: 1990-11-03

Dorothy finds herself being wooed by Stan and it seems her old feelings for him are resurfacing. Meanwhile, Rose has to deal with an annoying co-worker.


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?

air date: 1990-11-10

After the death of a friend, who had been a nun, Sophia decides she would like to become one. So she joins a convent and moves out. Meanwhile, Blanche gets into a car accident with Rose’s car which leaves Rose with a lawsuit.


Mrs. George Devereaux

air date: 1990-11-17

Blanche has a secret admirer and is shocked when she meets him, her supposedly dead husband, George. Meanwhile, Dorothy is being wooed by two men, Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…Before They Die

air date: 1990-11-24

Both Sophia and Rose take advice from Blanche that lands each of them in hot water. Due to a drought in St. Olaf, Rose swears to be celibate and Blanche advises her not to tell Miles the truth. While Sophia takes Blanche’s tips to lure a man to bed but when she tells him she loves him, he doesn’t respond with what she hoped.


Stand by Your Man

air date: 1990-12-01

Blanche meets a man at the library and only after they make a date does she realizes he’s in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Rose wants to keep one of the puppies from Dreyfuss’ litter despite Blanche’s feelings.


Ebbtide’s Revenge

air date: 1990-12-15

Dorothy must give the eulogy at her brother (a cross dresser), Phil’s funeral. Meanwhile, a feud between Sophia and Phil’s widow reaches a peak leading Sophia to reveal her hidden feelings about her son’s alternative lifestyle.


The Bloom is Off the Rose

air date: 1991-01-05

Rose wants more adventure in her relationship with Miles, so she signs them up for sky diving lessons. Meanwhile, Blanche’s relationship with abusive man causes Dorothy to speak her feelings.


Sisters of the Bride

air date: 1991-01-12

Blanche’s gay brother Clayton, makes a visit to Miami with a surprise, he has found the right person to make a commitment to, but Blanche still can’t get over Clayton’s sexual orientation. Meanwhile, Rose expects to win a Volunteer of the Year award.


Miles to Go

air date: 1991-01-19

After hearing that a mobster has died, Miles reveals that he has been in a witness protection program. However, when it is revealed that the mobster faked his death, Miles must leave Miami and go into hiding.


There Goes the Bride (1)

air date: 1991-02-02

Dorothy has been sneaking around so that Sophia doesn’t discover that she’s been dating Stan. However, when Stan proposes, Dorothy must reveal the truth to Sophia.


There Goes the Bride (2)

air date: 1991-02-09

Totally against Dorothy and Stan’s impending nuptials, Sophia vows to not let the ceremony go off. Meanwhile, Blanche begins interviewing for a new roommate since Dorothy is planning to move out.


Older and Wiser

air date: 1991-02-16

Wanting someone to watch after Sophia during the day, Dorothy gets Sophia a job under false pretenses. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose are all excited about being hired as models for a Penny Saver.



air date: 1991-02-16

Blanche wants to intensify her relationship with her infamous one night stand man, Mel Bushman. Meanwhile, Rose tries her hand at TV reporting, her assignment, a dog show.


Even Grandmas Get the Blues

air date: 1991-03-02

While babysitting for her granddaughter, a man mistakes Blanche as being the baby’s mother and Blanche does nothing to set him straight. Meanwhile, Sophia gets ready for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins, a celebration of mothers and daughters but Dorothy wants no part of it.



air date: 1991-03-09

Rose has a new man, Carl, in her life but suddenly out of the blue Miles returns, still undercover in the Witness Protection Program. However, things get hairy when Carl reveals himself to be the mobster that is after Miles. Meanwhile, Sophia loses her glasses.


What a Difference a Date Makes

air date: 1991-03-23

The man who stood Dorothy up for her senior prom contacts her and they make a date. After learning why he stood her up, Dorothy unleashes her wrath on the person at fault, Sophia.


Love for Sale

air date: 1991-04-06

The girls prepare for the Children’s Hospital Bachelorette Auction and a reluctant Dorothy decides to participate. She is in for a quick surprise when Stan walks in and begins bidding. Meanwhile, Sophia’s brother, Angelo, comes to Miami, broke and with no place to live.


Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (1)

air date: 1991-04-27

The deathbed confession of an ex-patient at Shady Pines, means bad news for Sophia, since in her confession she stated that Sophia and her stated the 1985 Shady Pines fire.


Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (2)

air date: 1991-04-27

Sophia cannot recall the events that lead to the Shady Pines fire.


Henny Penny — Straight, No Chaser

air date: 1991-05-04

Dorothy is in charge of directing a school play, Henny Penny, but when the cast is quarantined, she gets Rose, Blanche and herself to perform as the leads. But when Rose reads the ending, she wants no part in the play.

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